Saturday, August 17, 2013

Paper Bag Scrapbooks

Take three paper bags.  Lay them flat, alternating them -  bottom one has the opening to the front, middle one opening to the back, top one opening to the front.  Fold in half and then punch three holes and tie with ribbon to secure.

Front of album.  Create any way you want.

Inside of first page.  Now the page on the right also has a pocket to put things in, such as a picture or small memento.  There are still 4 more full pages to decorate, as well as the back of the album. 

Using three lunch size paper bags I was able to make mini scrapbooks, which are a great project for children.  I did a summer program for five local elementary schools last month and the children ranging in age from 5-14 made their own scrapbooks.  The majority of the children really liked this project, and they got very creative with their books.

I did precut some larger pieces of paper for them, as well as having scrap pieces on hand too.  I took several punches and my Big Shot as well to let them have a wide variety of items to choose from.

This is also a great project for a birthday party too.  I got this great idea from my Upline Maureen Stivala. 

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