Friday, February 27, 2015

Framelit Storage Idea

I finally got around to having my Framelit Storage wall finished, thanks to my husband.  I actually saw this at the home of one of my customers and couldn't wait to have it done for my stamp space.  The magnetic rolls that you can purchase at any craft store come 12" x 24" so my husband went to Home Depot and had four pieces of wood cut at that size.  The magnetic sheets have an adhesive backing so I just peeled that off and placed them on top of the cut wood.  My husband then added the top and bottom ledge for more stability, and he placed small hooks at the top to keep them in place.  They slide in and out easily and are not nailed to the wall, just kept I place with the small hooks.
If you didn't want to add the top and bottom shelf you could just drill two small holes in the top of the board and hang them up that way. 
Here is another look.  If you look closely at the top you can see the two small hooks that are holding them in place. 
I have the Framelits on the wall right above the table where my Big Shot Die Cutting Machine is.  This way when doing a workshop or a class everything is readily accessible.  The framelits that we are using for that particular class or workshop are kept on the table in a clear case, but if the ladies want to use something different they can now easily see everything that I have for them to use.

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