Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Update - Fast Fuse Inventory already depleted!

I am so sorry to report that the supply of Fast Fuse adhesive is already depleted.  Personally I wish they would set limits on how many people could buy, but I am glad that the customers who told me they wanted it let me know last night and I got up early this morning and was able to order for them.  Hopefully in the future they rethink how the sales run, but I know they do their best to forecast how many will sell. 

The Fast Fuse 5-Day Sale Is Coming!

The response to Stampin' Up!s first Fast Fuse promotion last fall was phenomenal. In fact, it was so overwhelming that they didn’t have the inventory to keep the deal running! So, as promised, they are bringing back the Fast Fuse Adhesive deal for five days only—while supplies last!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this promotion, here’s how it works: When you buy ONE Fast Fuse Adhesive, you’ll get TWO Fast Fuse Adhesive refills for FREE!

This deal will start on February 8 and end on February 12. Remember, that’s five days only—while supplies last! Be sure to mark your calendars and prepare to stock up, save.

I will keep this post up until Thursday, February 8th when the sale starts and keep you posted if and when the inventory runs out.  Hopefully there is enough to go around for everyone and that the sale lasts at least a few days but I would not wait to order if you want to get in on the deals.

You can go directly here to my Online Store to order.  If you already have a relationship with another Stampin' Up! demonstrator you can go to his or her online store.  If you are a customer of mine and would like me to place the order for you I need to know by Tuesday, February 7th as I plan on placing an order early in the morning on the 8th.

Here are the numbers for fast fuse below.  Note -  the free refills value $15.00.

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