Monday, September 26, 2011

Another reason to love Stampin' Up!

Instead of posting a project today I wanted to share just one of the reasons I feel confident when I purchase any Stampin' Up! product, whether it be for my personal use, or to share with others through workshops or classes.

A few days ago my Big Shot Die Cutting Machine started squeaking, and the handle was getting harder to turn.  So, I do what I usually do if I have any questions or problems with a product, which is hardly ever by the way, I called Stampin' Up!.  I told them the problem, and they immediately told me they would send me another one because it was still under the three year warranty period.   I was worried because I didn't have the original box, which is something the big craft stores want you to have if you have a return, but they said they have record of my purchase and there is no need to return it in the original packaging.

Now, my Big Shot is two years old, and has seen plenty of use.  From making wedding and shower invitations, to taking it to workshops and having it available at all of my stamp classes, and just for everyday use in my own projects it has served me well and I would be lost without it.  So I was so happy when they told me a new one would be send priority mail that day.
I was expecting to receive in today, but was pleasantly surprised when it arrived Saturday.  Now, that is what I call great Customer Service. They also make returning the old one easy too.  I just need to call them today and let them know the new one arrived and they will send me a pre-paid package to send it back in, and it will be picked up directly at my front door.  It couldn't get any easier than than.

Stampin' Up! not only carries all of the products I love, but also has great customer and demonstrator support.    So thanks Stampin' Up! for making the job I love to do even easier and for getting me my new Big Shot so quickly.

Now off to my Stamping Room to set up my new Big Shot and start getting creative again!

My Brand New Big Shot
Complete with new platform, cutting pads, and handle

Called SU on Wednesday and received package on Saturday!
From Utah to Pennsylvania in less than 5 days - Thanks Stampin' Up!

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