Sunday, April 14, 2019

My new storage system is here!

I finally got around to putting together my new storage system.  I really like how it all goes together so well and how much more space I have with everything in on place.  It stacks easily, and it is nice having my markers, ink pads, and refills all in one place.  The open spaces are where I will put my new In-Colors, and that is why I left those 5 spaces blank for now.

I plan on putting new embellishments in the open cubes, and can't wait to get the new products I got to pre-order today from the new catalog which goes live on June 1st.

I kept the packaging that was around the storage systems and used some of it for my Washi Tape.  If you order any of the systems, don't throw this out because I'm sure you have small items that will fit well in there.  

To order the products, or to see them better you can click the pictures below. 


cavmary said...

Did you purchase all new style stamp pads? I bought the storage system but most of my pads are the old style and are just a tad too thick for the spaces.

Eileen Lang said...

So sorry your comment just appeared in my feed. Yes, I purchased all of the new ink pads and since I do classes at a retirement center having extra pads of the same color is really helpful.