Saturday, January 29, 2011

Clear Block Storage

Old way of storing clear mount stamps.

New, more organized way of storing clear mount stamps.
When I attended regionals this past fall one of the new things I learned was a much easier way to store your clear mount stamps.  Instead of just throwing away the rubber backing that the stamps come in, when you are done assembling your stamps, put them back in the same spot they were packaged in.  This way, when you close your case, the stamps stay put.  It is much easier to find the one you are looking for, and keeps the small stamps from getting lost.  I wish I would of thought of it myself before I threw away the backing for the ones I already had assembled, but for all of the new ones I have bought since then, I really like this storage method. 

I'm sure many of you reading this have been doing it this way for a long time, but just thought I would share it with anyone who might not have heard this idea before.   There is always something new to learn, and I would love any of my readers to share any of their stamping tips too.  Please feel free to leave a comment after any of my posts.   Have a great weekend everyone, and for those of you living on the East Coast like me, let's hope for a few days of NO SNOW!  All that shoveling takes away from my stamping time, and I really hate to give up my stamping time!!!


Dale Morin said...

Eileen, I started out the same way you did. I have been storing them the "new" way for quite some time now. I wish I had of known right from the beginning. It's good to post that so that people just starting to use clear mounts will have the option to do it either way.

I am with you. Hope we have a few days with no snow. I don't know where we are going to put it. I hear more is coming Tuesday.

Scrappin Stampers said...

Thanks for the tip! Following you from SC.

Yolanda said...

I also just learned that tip, but you posting about it clicked for me that I need to tell my ladies in my club this smart storage idea before they unmount their new clear stamps, so thank you for that aha moment. I'm also your newest follower from SC. You can see my blog at, or #295 on SC. TFS!!

Penny Hanuszak said...

Thanks Eileen, I'm like Yolanda need to share this tip with my customers who are buying clear mounts. I know it will be an "aha" moment for them too. Much appreciated.